Updated skincare routine

by purelytwins

We wanted to share about some new skincare products we are using plus a little change in our morning and evening skincare routines.

You can see our previous routines here using DIME.

Please note – we were not paid for this and we paid for all the products.

We personally like these new skincare products and wanted to share them with you.

New skincare routine | New products for a clean skin

Both of us suffered from acne and Michelle had eczema, so we are mindful of what we put on our skin.

We no longer obsess but do care about the products we use.

We find all these products to be good quality, and some of them even have the same faith and family values as us.

New skincare products mentioned in video:

Araza raw beauty oil

Clean skin club clean 2 extra large face pads

A’del blue lagoon cleanse

CLN & DRTY rose toner

Nimi skincare peptide cream – we have used some of their other products and enjoyed, but like the peptide cream the most. We might try some of the other products again.

CHECK OUT OUR AMAZON storefront where some of these products are linked – https://www.amazon.com/shop/loriandmichelle (if you use our link we may receive a small commission. Thank you for your support of our channel.)

Changes in our morning and evening skincare routines: (our previous routine here – as you will see there are some changes)

Morning skincare routine:

  • Using a face towel we put some CLN & DRTY rose toner on it to cleanse skin
  • Then use Nimi skincare peptide cream followed by Dime’s dewy day cream.
  • Let that set before putting makeup on.

Evening skincare routine:

  • Use Clean skin club face pads with Thayers Facial Toner – Witch Hazel Rose Petel – to remove makeup
  • Then we wash with a mix of A’del blue lagoon cleanse and Dime jelly cleanser
  • Next we put our serums and creams on
  • Dime Hyper Glow Serum – 2-3 drops
  • Dime TBT Serum – 2-3 drops
  • We switch nights between the Dime restorative night cream and the TBT cream
  • And as you saw in the video we put some of Dime’s blue oil in it too

We love using oils on our skin, and now love mixing a moisturizer with it to help with our aging skin.

You can see our review of DIME here.

You can see our review of Averr glow here.

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